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07/01 Happy anniversary, TGG! The staff have put together a Resource Pack for everyone to thank you for all being here - we hope you enjoy it. (:
06/30 Happy Graphics Games! The Reaping has finished and the Pre-game events have been posted, so make sure to participate before they close in a week. Then, the real Games will begin!
06/28 Congrats to our new staff members: Mari, Sarah, Alyssa, Ryea, Jess and Deb!
05/28 June Promotions will be open for a week. It's a good time for it - you just need a gallery and 20 posts on your account.
05/27 We're now re-open! Feel free to post an introduction, gallery and have fun. <3

welcome, guest!

Welcome to TGG, a graphics forum. As a guest, you aren't able to see all the resources and activities we have to offer. But once you register, you'll have access to resources or be able to request graphics for yourself or your forum.

textures: 475+ psds: 105+ exclusive stock: 145+ tutorials: 35+ challenges: 25+/month requests: always open

Welcome back; your last visit was on Today
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You'll find the rules in here (a must read) and any announcements pertaining to the site.
July Newsletter ON Jul 11 2018, 08:18 AM BY valyria
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Before we all start trying to kill each other best each other in the Graphics Games, we should probably get to know one another first.
It's Mona, ya shits! :D ON Yesterday at 07:20 pm BY alyssa ren.
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If you have any questions or suggestions, please post them here.
Changing Username Rules ON Jun 22 2018, 02:27 AM BY valyria

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If you wish to get promoted, simply sign up here when the promotion sign-ups are open.
July Promotions ON Jul 5 2018, 09:09 AM BY undertheMOON
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Where did you come from? Newly born citizens into Panem will start out their art here (this is where you post your gallery).
i'm on gucci ON Yesterday at 08:28 pm BY tardis blue .

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Here is where you can request a graphic for personal use (ex. a signature).
Signature code ON Today at 08:33 am BY biancaw
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This is where you can request a graphic for your forum (ex. logo).
Site Header ON Jul 5 2018, 11:46 AM BY Rook

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If you wish to advertise with us, please do it here. We are guest friendly, but you must be too. Note that only members can bump their ads in the Directory.
Affiliation ON Jun 22 2018, 10:21 AM BY undertheMOON
Dragonball Universe (LB) ON Today at 06:38 pm BY alyssa ren.
Red Light District RP ON Today at 06:31 pm BY alyssa ren.
candyland couture[jcink pre... ON Jul 13 2018, 04:13 PM BY .Oleander-

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JULY 7TH The Graphicsbath will begin.

JULY 12TH The first official Game Day of the Graphics Games.

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