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07/01 Happy anniversary, TGG! The staff have put together a Resource Pack for everyone to thank you for all being here - we hope you enjoy it. (:
06/30 Happy Graphics Games! The Reaping has finished and the Pre-game events have been posted, so make sure to participate before they close in a week. Then, the real Games will begin!
06/28 Congrats to our new staff members: Mari, Sarah, Alyssa, Ryea, Jess and Deb!
05/28 June Promotions will be open for a week. It's a good time for it - you just need a gallery and 20 posts on your account.
05/27 We're now re-open! Feel free to post an introduction, gallery and have fun. <3

welcome, guest!

Welcome to TGG, a graphics forum. As a guest, you aren't able to see all the resources and activities we have to offer. But once you register, you'll have access to resources or be able to request graphics for yourself or your forum.

textures: 475+ psds: 105+ exclusive stock: 145+ tutorials: 35+ challenges: 25+/month requests: always open

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POSTED ON May 27 2018, 09:31 PM
requesting on tgg

You may only post up two (2) requests at a time.

Each request must have its own thread. You may not request more than one request in the same thread.

Do not PM members to fill a request. You may tag them in the thread but you may only tag up to three (3) artists per request.

Try to be as specific as possible if you are picky because some artists won't want to do adjustments. They aren't obligated to and you might have to wait for another artist to take it again.

If you take a request and don't fill it within two (2) weeks, it'll open up again for someone else to fill.

If the requestor has specified a certain graphics level or artist, please respect that and don't take it unless you qualify.

You may bump your thread once every three (3) days. It must be 3 full days. 2 days and 1 hour won't count as 3 days.

Once the request has been filled, please reply to say you have received it. If you don't for one (1) week, we will assume you've received it and it will be archived.

YOU MUST CREDIT THE ARTIST if you use the graphic you requested. Failure to do so will result in you being unable to request from TGG again. We understand sometimes you might forget, so we can remind you, but if you refuse to do so, then your ability to request will be revoked.

If your thread doesn't have a reply for one (1) month, it will be archived.

Please use the following form when requesting.

[b]Type of Graphic:[/b]
[b]Specific Artist:[/b]
[b]Anything Else:[/b]



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