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 you're a wolf, HG1 Victor Needed
tardis blue .
 Posted: Aug 8 2015, 05:33 AM

Head Gamemaker; Filmmaker

Babe, there's something tragic about you. Something so magic about you. Don't you agree? Babe, there's something lonesome about you. Something so wholesome about you. Get closer to me.

hamlet --
open district. hg1 victor. 20+.
Whoa, first ad! I'm in need of the year one victor of the Hunger Games. We're going to call him Hamlet for now. You don't have to name him that, but it does fit with what I've named my characters? Hamlet was in the first games with Ophelia's brother Laertes, and he's also the one that killed him. A year later, Ophelia was also reaped, but, unlike her brother, she survived and won. Every rear since then, she's had to go to the Capitol to mentor students, and she's had to come face to face with Hamlet. She has very much still not forgiven him for killing her brother. Even though she's gone through the games and knows what it takes to live, she still can't stand the sight of him. Hamlet himself doesn't seem to be too fond of him either. Lots of rumors have floated around the Capitol about the pair--most of them involving sexual tension and unrequited love. Few of them involve Laertes, because Ophelia has never actually confronted Hamlet about what happened in the arena. He's a little too cocky and a little too mouthy for his own good, so people tend to assume all of it is chalked up to that instead. Now that they've been there for several years and she's had to see so many other kids die under her watch, she's started to soften. By a mili-pinch. Maybe eventually she'll forgive him; maybe she won't. Either way there's lots of fun bickering and low shots to be made. Who knows, maybe she'll even start to fall for all the rumors eventually.

Like I said, his name doesn't necessarily have to be Hamlet. It's been six years since he won, so I'd imagine he'd be a little older. District's open, and history is open. The face I have up is Garrett Hedlund, because he's a major hunk. If you really don't like him though, we can discuss people.


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