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 about promotions
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POSTED ON May 27 2018, 08:08 PM
about promotions

how it works

The promotions here are a little different as we use a rubric and a scoring system based on the following elements: Image Quality, Balance, Focus, Flow, Text Placement, Text Composition & Concept/Theme. Realistic Colourizations & Realistic Manipulations will be graded if you have them in your gallery. If you are in Technician or above (a score of 3.75/6 or higher), you will also be graded on Versatility of Concept/Theme (including image placement) & Versatility of Style (variety of stock/textures, negative/positive space, font choice, etc.). Because of this, Technician+ will need at least 10 graphics in their gallery to get promoted.

design elements

IMAGE QUALITY: Too pixelly? Too blurry? Wonky resizing? Over colouring? All of those things can hinder image quality and hold you back from a higher promotion.

BALANCE: Is everything too far to the left with nothing on the right? Are the placements of the elements (people, text, etc.) set out in a way that makes it feel lop-sided? Balance has a lot to do with flow and focus, but overall, good balance leaves you feeling satisfied after viewing the graphic.

FOCUS: Is there a clear focal point in the graphic? The other elements should aid it to being the focal point, whether that focal point be a person, text or a stock. If it's unclear what the focal point is, then your eye doesn't know where to look and can feel confused when looking at the graphic.

FLOW: Are you eyes able to move seemlessly through the graphic in a curve of directions to see all of the important elements or does something disrupt the flow too much? Good flow pretty much means that you don't even notice. But it's quite easy to spot not so good flow, when something that should be a background helper element takes too much of the spotlight or isn't matching with the rest of the concept of the graphic.

CONCEPT: What is your graphic about? Do all of the elements in it contribute to the same goal? Is the goal even clear? How well is your concept/theme portrayed? This pretty much means theme, but also how well you execute it. If the theme is clear and everything in the graphic has portrayed it well, your concept will be good. Sometimes people talk about concept by using the word 'composition' if they say to keep working on your compositions. The key to doing this great is to really keep stepping out of the box and being innovative in how you do your designs.

TEXT PLACEMENT: Does the text disrupt the flow? Is the placement too far to the edge of the graphic and distract from the rest of the graphic? Text placement is very important. You want to have it near the focal point so that it can aid it, though you also don't want to distract from it either.

TEXT COMPOSITION: Does the colour of the text match the rest of the graphic? Is the text readable? Does it feel a part of the graphic or feel apart from the graphic? Are the fonts used matching the feeling of the rest of the graphic? There are many elements to composing your text well and it's just as important as the placement to be able to convey the theme well.

REALISTIC COLOURIZATIONS: Are the colours realistic? Can you see where it was colourized or does it look like a normal photo? Because colourizations can't really be looked at with focus, flow, balance, etc., they have their own category and it's solely based on how realistic they look to the eye. If you don't have any colourizations, this category won't count for your promotions.

REALISTIC MANIPULATIONS: Does it look like one scene, or can you clearly see that it was manipulated? And for facial manipulations, does it look like that could have been the real picture (even with make up)? Manipulations are a little different as well and are really great when they look realistic and not obvious that they were manipulated with an image editing program such as Photoshop.

VERSATILITY IN CONCEPT: Are all of your graphics about the same subject matter or do you have a variety of atmospheres/feelings within your gallery? Being able to show a variety of themes within your graphics and not just sticking to the same thing over and over again is key to becoming a great designer. Don't just keep doing it because it works. This category only applies to Technician+ (though others can demonstrate this as well - we just aren't going to require this of you to get promoted into the lower groups).

VERSATILITY IN STYLE: Do you always have cut outs or always have soft blended graphics? It's important to branch out and be able to do many different styles. Copying the same thing over and over again just because it works won't make you any better. While everyone has their own style that will shine through all of the works they do, it is important to be able to do different styles within your main style. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask. This category only applies to Technician+ (though others can demonstrate this as well - we just aren't going to require this of you to get promoted into the lower groups).

group requirements

Each above element is scored out of 6 and then averaged out for the total overall score, which determines which of the following groups you are promoted to. If you score below the section you're currently in, you simply won't be promoted and will receive a critique, but you will never be demoted. <3

ILLEGAL HUNTERS (1-2.99): These artists have some great potential, but certain things like image quality and not a clear focus all the time are holding them back.

COAL MINERS (3-3.49): These artists have decent image quality, focus, flow and balance, but need to keep working on the focus and letting negative space work for their favour.

FARMERS (3.5-3.74): These artists have some good works, but text compositions & placements need to be worked on more to have good flow with the hierarchy, as well as general work on having a clear concept/theme.

TECHNICIANS (3.75-3.99): These artists mostly need to work on consistency in always having good text placements, image quality, focus, flow, balance, etc.

JEWELLERS (4-4.49): These artists have some great works but just need to keep pushing themselves further in their executions of all of the above elements.

PEACEKEEPERS (4.5-4.99): These artists execute everything very wonderfully but now have to work more on their versatility in concept/theme, placement of elements, font choices, emotion, style, etc.

FILMMAKERS (5-5.49): These artists have good versatility, though it can always be pushed a little more. Mostly, they need to just work on always having all of the above elements being top shape in all of their graphics.

STYLISTS (5.5-6): These artists have everything down and are very versatile. But this isn't the end of their journey. Here, we have infinite promotions, so getting promoted to Stylist 2, Stylist 3, etc. is possible. However, they need to be able to score Stylist rank still and also have a significant amount of improvement since they were last promoted.



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