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 Previous Tributes Claim
 Posted: Jun 8 2015, 01:50 PM

Head Gamemaker; Stylist

i am the light. you are the night. i am where the darkness falls and surrounds us all. well, it's a call to arms.

Previous Tributes Claim
So we can have a clear sense of who was in what Games in our history here, please sign up below. Of course, if your character was a Victor, they will need to sign up here. Any other characters would be deceased. But if your character has a family member who died in the Games, please do post here with them. <3

Our Graphics Games will connect with this in the next one. Note that if you participate in the Graphics Games, you can do so as a character you have in this roleplay, or just as your 'alias' (ex. me wandering about the arena as 'Eliza'). You have the choice 'cause not everyone roleplays here - some are here just for the graphics. Therefore, for the seventh one, only the spots taken by actual characters in this roleplay will be taken. Otherwise, spots will still be open for this claim (but not open to join in the Graphics Games) if you take it while it's happening. Just for in character knowledge of this roleplay. Questions about this? PM me or Xandra. <3

We are currently in year 7.

year 1
D7 - leartes le moyne (14th)
year 2
D7 - ophelia le moyne (victor)
year 3
D2 - giovanna nero (victor)
D2 - thomas davenport (18th)
year 4
D4 - mark coates (6th)
year 5
D5 - coralyn bridge (9th)
year 6
D5 - lorry zeph (16th)
D6 - aston martin (victor)

[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]If not Victor, Place Finished:[/b]

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