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 COEUS || sci-fi superpowers, touch of cyberpunk & post-apocalyptic
Coeus Staff



POSTED ON May 30 2018, 10:42 PM
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sci-fi superpowers - hint of cyberpunk & post-apocalypse


Twenty-two years ago, the ship Justice landed on one of humanity’s colonized planets, Coeus, over two hundred light years away from Earth. As its passengers awoke from their cryosleep, they realized that something horrible had happened: the previously colonized Coeus had fallen. Cities lay empty and ruined, being reclaimed by the alien planet. Like the colonizers of Roanoke, there was no trace of what had occurred except for seemingly endless monstrosities crawling from the ruins of the city.

Immediately, the armed forces aboard the ship seized control. They defended the ship, established a perimeter around it, and created a safe haven. The military forces set up a city, calling it Nova Aurora and naming themselves the Justicars, after the ship that had brought them to Coeus. But as time went on, the Justicars’ rule became increasingly oppressive and restrictive, until it was almost downright tyrannical.

Then superpowers appeared quietly enough about ten years ago. Sudden, powerful magic, put in the hands of ordinary people. ‘Omens,’ they were called, by those who knew of them. The Justicars, at that point paranoid, xenophobic, and controlling, immediately acted to suppress both the Omens and the knowledge of anything that could challenge their rule.

The most powerful Omens joined together in a group known as the Eerie, which was built as an organization for the salvation of Omens. Working together, they saved new Omens from the Justicars, pushed for more knowledge of Omens, and began exploring for another home, outside Nova Aurora.

But just as the hopes of the Eerie soar, the monstrosities return, and in even larger numbers.
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POSTED ON May 30 2018, 10:58 PM

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