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 welcome to the new déja-vu!, Mora's on the way!
 Posted: Oct 7 2015, 07:10 AM

New Citizen


Hey people

I'm Selina, but like to be called Mora and I'm practically everywhere where I can graphic so maybe some of you already know me (I've seen some pretty known faces in here ... you can't hide from me, guys *muhaahahahaaaa!*)
So right now I'm 19 years old, living in Düsseldorf, Germany, studying Social Work and judging from my introduction week, I'm gonna love it! (next week is the real start ... wow ... I'm a fulfledged college student from now on o.o).

So I'm here and ... I don't know what to say xD So I'll just go on with unnecessary facts about me. This Mora is:
# a great fan from FOB and next week's the first concert of those boys she's going to. So she'll probably faint seeing Patrick Stump live the first time
# a musician. Most likely a singer. Still searching for a band though
# a casual watcher. So she never gets to the actual season of a series and gets stuck somewhere in the first three seasons xD Series she likes: Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural, Orphan Black, Sense8, Heroes etc.
# a little Kristen Stewart fan and has so many laughing gifs of her that nobody would dare say she has no emotions!! D:
# lazy as hell!
# actually lactose intolerant and has fructosaemia. She's still eating everything xD (that paaaaaaaiiiin)
# hating sports but somehow got stuck to Taekwondo. Like how?! She hates fighting
# greeting the board enthusiasticly and wants to hug everyone in here <333

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