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 We're Back (and Staff Search)
 Posted: Oct 12 2015, 02:50 PM

Head Gamemaker; Stylist

i am the light. you are the night. i am where the darkness falls and surrounds us all. well, it's a call to arms.

we're back!
We're back! I'm so sorry for my month long absence. D: However, things are swinging back in action. (: Moving forward, we find that everyone really focuses on entering lots of graphics for the Games when they are happening, so we won't be focusing much on the challenge forum during that time. But when we are 'off season' (aka not in the middle of the Games), we will have more challenge topics. (:

OTMs and our newsletters will be coming back in full swing soon, starting with either November or December. <3

staff search

We're back and our staff system has been a bit revamped so we only have three groups, but still everything is being moderated. We're just combining a few groups together. <3

CHALLENGE MODERATORS (0/2) -- You will be in charge of posting challenges & polls as well as making the awards for the forum. Coal Miner or higher in graphics is required. If you're not promoted yet, feel free to apply anyway.

RESOURCE MODERATORS (0/2) -- You will be in charge of accepting tutorials, posting your own resources (at least one a month - and many things can count - tutorials, PSDs, textures, etc.). You also will be in charge of the critique section, making sure to critique people fairly and objectively. Farmer or higher in graphics is required. If you're not promoted yet, feel free to apply anyway.

DIRECTORY MODERATORS (2/3) -- You will be in charge of advertising the site as well as accepting advertisements into our Directory and linking back to them if they posted on TGG first. You also will need to help moderate the roleplaying forums to make sure everything is running smoothly. No graphics skill required.

If interested in any of the above positions, please PM me the following form. <3

[b]Position Desired (First Choice):[/b]
[b]Position Desired (Second Choice):[/b]
[b]Graphics Gallery:[/b] [if challenge mod]
[b]Staffing Experience:[/b] [not required for any position, but we are curious]
[b]Why You Would Like to Be Staff on TGG:[/b]

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