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welcome, Guest
welcome to the graphics games
06/17 Currently hiring for an Awards Team. If you're Technician or higher, feel free to apply.
05/28 June Promotions will be open for a week. It's a good time for it - you just need a gallery and 20 posts on your account.
05/27 We're now re-open! Feel free to post an introduction, gallery and have fun. <3

welcome, guest!

Welcome to TGG, a graphics forum. As a guest, you aren't able to see all the resources and activities we have to offer. But once you register, you'll have access to resources or be able to request graphics for yourself or your forum.

textures: 420+ psds: 85+ exclusive stock: 45+ tutorials: 35+ challenges: 25+/month requests: always open

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 Grand Re-Opening!
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POSTED ON May 27 2018, 10:11 PM
grand re-opening

TGG is back in business!

It's been two years but we are back and ready to offer you resources, critiques, give you promotions and awards, offer you challenges to spark your muse and most importantly throw you in an arena to fight to the death. =D But not literally, of course. Yes, the board is hidden for now until we get more people here, but we will be hosting the Graphics Games as well. We will aim to do this only twice a year and will have other types of events in the 'off-season'.

If you have any questions about the forum or any changes or even have suggestions, feel free to post them or message a staff member. I hope you'll enjoy it at TGG, whether you're a returning member or a new face who's found us. (:



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POSTED ON May 29 2018, 09:50 PM
undertheMOON Yayy re-openings! <3

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